Casinos and their odds

The odds of online casinos are higher than land casinos by a couple of percent. Online casinos have low operating costs compared to land casinos and are located offshore where corporate taxes are very low (a couple of percent). This is reflected in a high payout percentage.

Do the onlines casinos cheat with the odds?

We sometimes receive e-mails from people, who feel that the odds at a casino seem low.

Bear in mind that ‘streaks’ of good and bad luck are not at all unusual, and that you cannot judge a casino’s odds if you are a casual gambler. In order to make a true assessment of the odds at a casino, thousands/millions of hands are required.

The truth is that most casinos do not have to tamper with their software (and if they did, they would not stay in business for long – the competition is too fierce).

Casinos and their oddsIt is a mathematical certainty that the casino will win in the long run. This is the nature of casino games, and is the reason why casino managers can sleep calmly at night. Don’t play to make money, play to have fun. Think of online gambling as going to the movies, or buying a new computer game. Set an upper limit for your play.

People do win of course – sometimes they win big, but if you look at the numbers over a longer period – millions of hands wagered – the payout percentage is around 95-98%. That means that for every $100 wagered, you’ll be left with around $95 to $98 – in theory.

Audited by major accounting firms

The payout percentages of many of the casinos in our directory are audited on a monhly basis by major accounting firms. Look for the exact payout percentages on the casino’s home page.